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5 Life Lessons I Learned From My Mama

In honour of Mothers Day, I thought I’d share 5 Important Life Lessons I’ve Learned from My Mom!

Lesson #1: How to Serve Others

To be honest, I can’t quite say I’ve really learned how to serve others. I am LEARNING how to serve others, it is something that I will probably be learning for the rest of my life.

However my greatest example of selfless love for others comes from my Mom. My mom has always been a very simple woman who puts others before herself.

Growing up, we did not have much money. My mother spent everything she had on giving myself and my brother the best possible life we could have. I remember her sewing her old clothes instead of buying new things for herself, I remember her cutting her own hair, cooking the food that we wanted, saving up money to buy us laptops and school supplies.

I remember her coming home from the pharmacy only to have re-filled my toiletries – always making sure we had whatever we needed. I remember her staying up late to make sure I was home safe, driving myself and my brother around to our extracurriculars.

I remember her spending hours outside of her teaching hours to give her students the best possible education she could give. I witnessed her tireless work in the Special Education community – both as a mother with a child of Autism, and as a teacher who was dedicated in seeing the true light within each of her Special Education students.

Never have I seen a teacher who was so dedicated to her students or to her own children. Thanks for teaching me what it means to serve others mom!

Lesson #2: How to Have a Loving Relationship

Probably some of the most powerful lessons I learned from my mother is how to communicate with a significant other.

Relationships weren’t always easy for my mother. Going through a Divorce can be traumatic, and it was for both myself and my mother. Throughout the years after, I watched my mom struggle to find happiness within herself and with a partner. Every relationship came with great lessons as she learned to let go of her old belief systems and find out what it truly meant to have an authentic loving relationship.

I am so grateful for those lessons at a young age. I learned so much just from watching her as she discovered what it meant to be in life giving relationship. I learned what it meant to stand my ground, have high standards, and never settle.

I learned what it meant to serve another, while not sacrificing your own values and convictions. I learned how communication in a relationship was SO important and how perceptions varied. I learned that anger, raised voices and frustration is not beneficial for a relationship and in fact diminishes respect and trust.

As a result, I have been lucky to experience such satisfying and loving relationships in my life. I am now engaged to the most amazing man ever. I am happy to say I have never experienced a bad or traumatic breakup, never have cheated or been cheated on, have no ill feelings to any past romantic partners or interests, and feel fulfilled in my sense of self.

I understand that a man does not complete me, and in fact me being complete with myself is the best gift I can give another. I learned all this through watching my mother discover this.

Lesson #3: Humility & Class

I’ve got to admit, I was a bit of a brat growing up. But my mother never let me get away with it. She was always on my case when it came to manners.

When someone would come home, and I wouldn’t acknowledge them with a “hello” she become furious with me. While I was pretty stubborn and resistant growing up, the manners I have learned have served me so well once I stepped out of the house.

She taught me to say “please” and “thank you”, she taught me to acknowledge others, to give compliments, to smile at people, to show my respect for others without behaving as if I was inferior OR better-than.

Even more important then that would be the lessons she taught me on humility and class. I am happy to say, while occasionally I did some stupid things in my teenage years, I grew up to be a pretty classy lady with a good head on my shoulders, a down to earth vibe, and respect for myself, my body, and others.

Lesson #4: How to Eat Healthy

This one is very important because I see so many people my age who have no idea what it means to be or eat healthy.

To me it’s always been common knowledge that things like baby formula, processed foods, candies, processed sugars, artificial sweeteners, bleached starch, soda pop, junk food, and antibiotics or medication are ill for the system and should be avoided as much as possible.

As a kid I remember being jealous of the kids who ate fruit loops and brought lunchables and fruit roll ups to school. I was that kid with the whole grain sandwich and fruit as a snack.

While I hated it as a kid, I am so so so grateful now that my parents brought me up on good food. Because my body is so used to it now – I actually feel very ill when I do eat bad foods, so I naturally avoid them as much as possible. Plus, my tastes have grown to actually enjoy healthy foods more then processed foods.

My mom taught me about the difference between organic and normal foods, and what foods have what vitamins and proteins so that I know what to eat when I am feeling off or unbalanced.

Perhaps some of how healthy you are is genetic and I also believe much of it is in the mind, but I am grateful to have been brought up with a strong sense of what healthy looks like and how one can be healthy.

Lesson #5: The Importance of Personal Development

Obviously I am a personal development junkie – and I owe the beginning of my journey to my mom. When I was 13, my mom my brother and I took a trip to Mexico. When we were there she was reading the book “The Secret” which introduces the concept of the Law of Attraction.

It wouldn’t be until many years later that I’d start learning about the Law of Attraction, but her reading the book and having it on her book shelf was the planting of the seed in my mind.

Many years later she introduced me to the Audio Series “Your Wish is Your Command”. I listened to parts of it and then forgot about it. Two years later I was re-introduced to the series through a friend. I went up to my moms office and found the audio series, along with books such as the Secret and Ask and It is Given sitting on her book shelf.

Later on she introduced me to Christie Marie Sheldon and her “Unlimited Abundance” Series, as well as so many other amazing things such as Yoga, Meditation, books and techniques.

Having a mother who is so open minded and supportive of this type of self development and spiritual growth has been an incredible aspect of my journey. I can talk to her about all my crazy discoveries about energy, law of attraction, spirituality and new age type stuff and know that she won’t look at me like I’ve “lost my marbles”.

She continues to support much of my journey and helps me discover things that I myself cannot see.

Thanks Mom for all that you do and all you continue to do. I love you!!

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mama’s out there! May you be blessed with an amazing day and a great relationship with your children!


11046991_10152422037242395_2103000861_nHannah V is a blogger and online marketer dedicated to inspiring others to take action towards their dreams and passions. View her blog at www.hannahva.com or reach out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hannahvcommunity

The Foundation of My Success Formula

A little over seven months ago I made a big decision. I had a safe, steady, solid paying, corporate job – I was on the “right path,” or was I? We are told to graduate college, lock down a solid paying job, buy a house, work hard and climb the corporate ladder hoping for a management position. Here’s the problem with that scenario – companies are not longer putting the longest vested people in the company in the high positions. The metrics have changed. Time spent at a company is no longer relevant. Profit produced for the company is the new propellant to the top. People that are producing value for their companies are moving up to the positions of high status. I was just speaking with a well-known entrepreneur who was on the forefront of building what is now a prominent startup/entrepreneur/small business community and movement in my city. He hit it right on the head when he told me that it takes a new breed to really get ahead in today’s society. It was refreshing listening to him talk about how innovation trumps where you graduated and attitude trumps age.

What does this mean to me? I think there are many characteristics that we must embody if we want to take a leap in the right direction on this long journey of success. However, when speaking with New York Times Best Sellers, millionaires, and serial entrepreneurs, one characteristic seems to stand out from the crowd. That’s what we want to do right?

“Every long journey starts with a single step.”

Let’s take that step today, together. And if you truly want to make a change in the world, the first change has to be in you.

I am constantly on the quest to find out the so called “secrets,” of the successful. People who paved the way for me to understand how, what, and why. I have learned a few key insights along the way, the first being there are no so called “secrets.” Depressing, right? Not really. There may not be any secrets, but there is a formula for success. The first ingredient in the formula starts within ourselves. It starts with a mentality, attitude, persona. John Wooden coached that we must have a strong internal foundation to be able to stand on during times of trials and tribulations. This is the foundation we must build upon, and it starts with this shift in thinking.

Resiliency – The denotation of this word means to have the ability to recover from adversity, or some other external force. The real value in this characteristic comes from the connotation, however. The connotative meaning is much more insightful – resilience is a convenient label for things that tend to bounce back. Want to go deeper? Here are some of resiliency’s friends – grit, can-do attitude, never give up mentality, killer positivity, and having the ability to go the extra mile.

Action step to start building the foundation of resiliency:

  1. Positive affirmations 3 times a day, every day. Add more if needed. One of my personal favorites is the following: i will complete my profit producing activities without being emotionally tied to the end results.” When you start believing and internalizing this, your confidence in every situation will skyrocket.

“Be Great, Nothing Else Pays.”

Logan Freeman is a former college and professional football player turned entrepreneur. Currently he is focused on mastering the skills of influencing, goal achieving, and motivating others to break out of mediocrity and achieve big goals. Reach out to Logan on Twitter @LiveFreemanBlog. “Be Great, Nothing Else Pays.

Motivational Video : Desire (By Mateusz M)

How many times have you had the ‘desire’ to do something ? But not done it ? See this video to know how change your desire to actions…

Leave the comments below..! 🙂

The 3 Steps to Success

The other day I was listening to the Inner Circle Audio’s and learned about the 3 Steps to Success. While simplistic in every way — it’s really the foundation and found it to be incredibly valuable. Today I share the 3 steps with YOU!



1) Determination (One step past Desire)

Determination is the kind of attitude that demonstrates urgency and a “I’m going to do whatever it takes” type vibe.


2) Know Your “Why”

Why do you want what you want? What’s the WHY behind your goal? What is the emotional reason?

For me it has to do with family… I want to build up my passive business online so I can support my husband as he opens up his restaurant/bar – be able to support and invest both financially, mentally and emotionally.

I also want the flexibility to fly back to Canada (I live in Australia) whenever I want and also to travel more as I LOVE to travel, experience different cultures and see what this amazing earth has to offer!

I speak more on this subject on one of my previous posts “Define your WHY: Powerful Goal Setting” Define Your Why: Powerful Goal Setting


3) Need to Know it’s POSSIBLE.

At the end of the day — if you don’t believe it’s possible, it won’t be. Belief that it’s possible is the first step in achieving what you want – the determination is easy when you KNOW deep down within you that what you’re doing is POSSIBLE.

My suggestion is find someone who HAS done it and model after them.. this will increase your belief as you will think: “If that person can do it, so can I!”


And those are the 3 Steps to Success as discovered in The Inner Circle Audios!


What do YOU believe is essential to success? Leave us a comment below!


11046991_10152422037242395_2103000861_nHannah V is a blogger and online marketer dedicated to inspiring others to take action towards their dreams and passions. View her blog at www.hannahva.com or reach out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hannahvcommunity

Staying motivated: What Works and What Doesn’t

Whether your goal is to lose 20 pounds in six months, to bike up Mt. Kilimanjaro, or to get promoted at work – each one requires some serious work and motivation. The prospect of a paycheck motivates us to get up in the morning just like Scooby snacks persuade scaredy-cats like Shaggy and Scooby to hunt down monsters. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to find the kind of motivation that drives us to take action and reach our goals.

When getting motivated is just as hard as reaching the goal itself, it’s time for a new strategy. Try using these dos and don’ts to form your strategy and find the motivation you need to accomplish even the loftiest of goals.

Staying motivated:

What Doesn’t Work

1.Using someone else’s “motivator”


First and foremost, motivation is something that comes from within you –not your mom, not your favorite talk show host, not your boyfriend or your pet hamster. If someone pushes you to try a certain motivational strategy, make sure it works for you. Just because the newest One Direction song motivates your best friend to get her work done faster, doesn’t mean that’s what will drive you.  Find what works for you and use that as your motivation!

2.Not allowing yourself goal flexibility


Let’s say you want to audition for, and be cast in, a lead role for the Broadway show Rent – but instead, you’re awarded a supporting role for it.  Or you get a lead role for Wicked instead.  Instead of discounting those roles, acknowledge that goals sometimes turn out differently than we plan. That doesn’t make them any less worthwhile or valuable.  When you allow yourself goal flexibility, you’re not only accepting your accomplishments, but celebrating them and using them as motivation to reach your ultimate goal.

3.The (Negative) Tetris Effect


The unfortunate power of negative emotions – which equals negative motivation – is that they’re typically stronger than their positive counterparts.  The reason: biology. We’re simply wired to pay more attention to negative experiences and threats. The Tetris Effect describes how our brains get “stuck” in negative patterns, especially in regards to repetitive tasks, experiences, and behaviors. Repeating a task lowers the amount of brain power needed to complete the action. Therefore, negative tendencies can become a powerful negative state of mind that we habitually concede to.

Staying motivated:

What Does Work

1.The (Positive) Tetris Effect


The good news is that just as our brains can be negatively wired; they can be re-wired into positive patterns. By consciously seeking out more positive aspects in our lives, we can re-wire our brains to naturally seek out the good instead of the bad. Having more positive patterns of thinking energizes us to see more possibility and reach higher levels of success.

2.Breaking your goal down


Shawn Achor, author of the Happiness Advantage, explains that when you narrow the scope of your goals, you gain more control in achieving them. He calls this principle ‘The Zorro Circle.’ See, in the movie “Zorro,” the sword master draws a circle in the sand and explains that he can only duel within that circle. Only after mastering that circle can he begin fighting outside it. When you break down the final goal into smaller steps or mini-goals, motivation is perpetually high because of re-occurring smaller victories.

3.Making plans


Making solid plans to implement changes or reach a particular goal is often a huge motivator, especially if your plans involve a little fun. Let’s take the common goal of working out on a regular basis for example – those who make plans to go jogging with a friend or sign up for power yoga classes are much more likely to stick with it than someone who simply tells themselves “I’d really like to start exercising more.” Pairing up with a friend or signing up for a class you enjoy holds you accountable to your commitment and gives you more motivation to keep up with it!

4.Positive imagery


Instead of thinking to yourself, “In three weeks, I want to be able to run four miles,” say, and imagine, in three weeks, I am running four miles. Paint a glowing mental picture of doing that very thing.  Hear the applause in your head as you cross the finish line, smell your new running shoes, picture the scenery around you, and imagine yourself successfully reaching your goal. The more vivid your mental image, the more real it becomes, and the more intense your motivation will be.

5.Balancing self-discipline with self-forgiveness


Self discipline is necessary to stay on track. Be committed to yourself, and motivation will follow. It’s also important not to be too hard on ourselves when we fall behind or get off-track. Instead of beating yourself up over it or, even worse, giving up entirely – take a breather and remember why you started in the first place.

Have you tried these strategies before, if so did these strategies work for you and if not do you plan on trying them? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

sarahFixedTLB ABTthe author box



Sarah Landrum is a freelance writer and the founder of Punched Clocks, a career development site for young professionals looking to grow their careers and find happiness and success in the workplace. For more great advice from Sarah, subscribe to her blog and follow her on Twitter @SarahLandrum 

The Road Not Taken

Dedicated to my role model, my best friend, my guidance, my motivation, my sister: Regs.

Regan has many unique, yet amazing characteristics about her. Regs is my older sister, but really she is more than that. Regan and I don’t have the normal sibling relationship in the sense that we are more friends than anything, but the friendship goes so much deeper, because we are blood. Probably because Regan and I have been through so much together, been able to relate to each other, and most importantly been able to grow into adults together. Regan also bought me a book of poems for Christmas and this one has always stood out to me. Love you sis, this is for you.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,
And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

What I really like to do with my writing is to take somebody else’s work and relate it to how I can implement it into my life. It reminds me of the age old question in school – “When will I use this in the real world?” In this sense, choosing the road not taken is somewhat of a cliché, right? I don’t mind clichés, in my mind they became well known because everyone kept repeating them. Everyone kept repeating them because they make sense.

Bestselling author Rory Vaden said it best when he said “Success is not owned, success is only rented, and the rent is due every day.” Time to relate this to the “real world.” I was at my first trade show this week with my new company and observed something very interesting. All of these companies are exhibiting their booths and potential customers come to see what the industry has to offer. There is a weird dynamic happening here because unless you stop the people walking by and actually talk to them, they just walk on by. So what do I do? I create a game with my colleague to not let any of the potential customers walk by without engaging them in some sort of conversation. This was not easy, and definitely not what the other exhibitors were doing. The companies next to us even sort of started rationalizing why they were NOT having a successful trade show. I heard all kinds of excuses – the weather caused the attendance to be low, my spot in the hall is not very good and on and on. They even started to comment on how “outlandish,” we were by reeling in all these people! I couldn’t and wouldn’t accept any of those excuses. We ended up making the best out of our situation and organically cultivated over 20 new customers for our business!

Key Takeaways – literally when everyone else is doing something one way and you see they are not achieving the results you would like to accomplish, simply do the opposite. Be so different that people HAVE to stop and talk with you.

Take the road not taken in every area of your life. This will not be easy and reminds me of an old grade school poster that said

“What is easy is not always popular, but what is popular is not always easy.”

Get out there and be different!

Live Free!

Logan Freeman is a former college and professional football player turned entrepreneur. Currently he is focused on mastering the skills of influencing, goal achieving, and motivating others to break out of mediocrity and achieve big goals. Reach out to Logan on Twitter @LiveFreemanBlog. “Be Great, Nothing Else Pays.

Must hear ! Virtual Barber Shop. A redefining 3D Sound Experience !

Join Manuel and Luigi for an unforgettable virtual haircut experience! Get your hair clipped and buzzed with spine-chilling 3D audio realism. Originally created in 1996 for a QSound client, the long version of this demo is also available onYouTube.

You’ll need headphones for this to work. Make sure there is no noise around, close your eyes, turn the volume up a little bit, hold and press headphone on your ears for better hearing, play it and enjoy this impressive audio work ( illusion ). Not a screamer not a prank!

CREDITS: The embedded audio clip was created by QSound Labs ( http://www.qsound.com ) as a demonstration of Binaural audio technology.

QSound’s 3D sound technology is being used by EarGames (http://www.EarGames.com), maker of 3D audio games.

See this wikipedia entry for information about binaural recordings.


The Girl & The Pebble – An interesting story about your life!

Once Upon a time there was a girl who often liked to spend time by a pond behind her house. She was a quiet and pensive girl, but wise beyond her years.

She would often bring a journal and write out her thoughts. She enjoyed writing poetry, short stories, and whatever thought came to mind really.

She shone with a quiet resilience, keeping to herself most of the time. But those that knew her knew that she was destined to do something great in the world.

This day, she had decided to leave her journal behind and venture to the pond alone. It was a fine spring day — the flowers were just starting to bloom and the grass and forestry was taking on a deep green colour after weeks of brown following the melting of the frost.

The girl liked to collect rocks, stones and pebbles — and so when she reached the waters edge she began searching the ground for unique stones that she could take home, wash and polish.

There was a big stone a few feet away that stood out to her. She picked it up. It was heavy and jagged – studded with imbedded crystals and sparkled ever so brightly in the sunlight.

Normally she would have taken a stone as beautiful as this home, but something told her to do something different today.

After admiring it for quite some time – she turned her attention to the pond and hoisted the rock into the air. It landed in the water, creating a big “SPLASH”. She watched the ripples it created, mesmerised by the patterns in the pond. It was a abrasive really – for something so big, bold and beautiful to rip right through the smooth reflections of the waters surface.

She then turned her attention back to the ground as she looked for another stone. She searched for quite some time but couldn’t seem to find one that stood out to her. As she kicked her feet into the ground, one pebble rolled a few feet away. She stopped the rolling with her foot and picked up the pebble.

This pebble was light and had a greyish colour. However what made this pebble interesting was it’s smooth surface and rounded edges. “How many years of weathering it must have taken to make a pebble this smooth!” she thought.

After turning it over in her hands, she then turned to the pond and gently tossed the pebble towards the water in at an angle. The pebble skimmed the water and proceeded to hop right across it – creating 5 larger ripples and a few smaller ripples.

She noticed how while the ripples started off small, they seemed to spread ever so quickly – crossing each other and creating more ripples. She was mesmerised by the beauty of it all, as it seemed to go on forever.

She came to a realisation that day.

While the bigger, bolder and more beautiful stone made a large “splash” and larger ripple — it soon faded. Yet the smaller, smoother and less noticeable pebble – while seeming to be nothing special – was able to create many light ripples that then created a beautiful pattern on the surface of the water.

“I’m more like the smooth pebble” she thought.

See, many of us believe that to succeed in business or in our lives, we must be like the large stone. We need to stand out, sparkle, and make a “Splash”.

But often times, a quiet presence, humility, love and compassion is more powerful.


At the end of the day – BE YOU whatever that looks like.

If you are naturally loud, bold and sparkly, then be that way because it is who you are.

But many of us shine brightly with a quiet assurance. If this is you — know that you can STILL make a massive difference.. you can touch SO many people, in fact sometimes even MORE people – with your special touch of humility and solitude.

Let YOUR WORK Speak for itself. 

So which one are you? Let us know your thoughts below!

11046991_10152422037242395_2103000861_nHannah V is a blogger and online marketer dedicated to inspiring others to take action towards their dreams and passions. View her blog at www.hannahva.com or reach out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hannahvcommunity

Friends :) ? Or not :(

We’ve all gone through/are going through that nerve-racking, convivial rollercoaster ride they call adolescence. And what do you remember the most? The parties, the fun or the (mis)adventures? I remember MY FRIENDS!

Friends are like the one element, that is directly proportional to the people we turn into as adults.

So it is of the utmost importance that we choose the right ones.

Here is what I expect from a good friend:

Friends are cool around us...! :)
Friends are cool around us…! 🙂


  1. Understanding

I’m not gonna say good friends are the people who completely understand you. No, good friends are the people who try. Often at times I feel myself surrounded by people who undermine my problems and judge me by my actions without seeing the whole picture. And that just drowns the whole “idea” of friendship.

So if someone tells you they understand, and behave accordingly, never let them go.

  1. Gives You Space

When I tell I’m busy, I expect my friends to understand, and give me some space to finish my work. If I tell you I’m busy, and don’t talk to you for a couple of days, it doesn’t mean I’m ignoring you*. Just that I’m actually busy. So dear friend, if you just let me breathe for a couple of days and then get back to you, I’d be eternally grateful. Also you wouldn’t have to deal with my cranky attitude.

*If I’m ignoring you, I wouldn’t be telling you I’m busy; I’d just ignore you 😛

  1. Doesn’t Push You

Alright, so this is kind of related to the second point. If Hermione doesn’t like flying, don’t force her to fly. Don’t just imagine that “once she does it, she’ll like it”. Sorry to burst your bubble, but NO. If you’re my friend, I expect you to respect my reservations. Well flying might be beneficial, and in due course Hermione might learn to fly, but let her take her own time!

No pushing, please. But nudging softly can be tolerated 😉

  1. Is There For You

I have this awesome friend (my virtually adopted twin brother) who lets me rant to him for hours and hours about things he has no clue about. He lets me virtually slap him and punch him and literally curse at him, just to get the painful emotions out of my system. He gives the lamest advice (no offense, dude; it’s true rofl), but I still go to him when I’m broken. Because above all, he listens. Every. Single.Time.

So if you have a friend who is there for you, and doesn’t judge your highly prejudiced opinion, you are truly blessed.

  1. Doesn’t Try to Change You.

Ok, this one’s a bit tricky. No, if I have some terrifying flaws (which I’m struggling to change) I don’t expect you to remain quiet. Tell me, tease me and help me with it, but back to point three, no pushing.

But if I like the way I am and am perfectly contend with my messed up life, don’t try to change me. I don’t care if you live the flawless robotic existence with a time-table and to-do list; I like the adrenaline rush of being hurried to complete tasks. I don’t mind you having different opinions than me; just don’t force it down my brain. Time management and control might be important to you; but I like wasting time and losing control. I don’t want you to change; don’t expect me to change either.

So if you’re a good friend to me, accept me for who I am. Yes, the whole, crazy, unbearably irritating package.


And the 8th Wonder of the World: with all these demands, I still have plenty of friends literally rofl

Yeah, I’m amazed too.

Thank You guys, for sticking with me. Owe you people loads for getting me through it all!


Victoria ‘Vicky’ Antony.



A. Victoria Antony is a freelance blogger and Author at ThinkLikeBoss. She also writes for two of her own blogs. She is a lifestyle blogger, focusing on human behavior and emotions. She is intent on writing articles that are easy for people to identify with. She can be contacted through her Google+ account : A. Victoria Antony. “Write for the satisfaction, not for the fame or the money.”

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